Side Line Pak

Stay Warm on those Cold and Windy Days

Picnic Blanket

Soft, Water Resistant, and Convenient


Grab your Gear and Head on an Adventure

Sleeping Bag

Convenient and Warm


The Sideline Pak is a must have for any outdoor sports fan and once you own one you are the envy of everyone at the game without one!

Danette Stempowski

I get into it and it keeps me warm the entire game.  It is also very easy to get in and out of

Heather Breon

Being a mom of two boys who’ve played many sports over the years, the Sideline Pak is a must have on the sidelines

Kathy Fisher

Many parents on the sidelines are often jealous and ask me where they can get one!

Kelly Derr

It comes in handy as a backpack because I throw my hat, gloves and other items in it as I walk from my car to the field!

Amy Sneed