Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   I'm not sure if the logo file I have will work correctly, can you check?
A.   Yes, send us your logo and we will let you know how it will work best, Embroidery or Silkscreen. Send to Info@pentiainnovations.com If the logo quality will not work we offer art services to recreate your logo.   (Art Services)

Q.   Can I order less than 12 Sideline Paks with my logo?
A.   At this time no, only as a blank.  We will be offering other logo methods like Heat Seal in the near future so we can do as few as one.

Q.   How can my team support a Charity that is important to us?
A.   Let us know the Charity that you would like and as long as it is a 301c qualified charity we will be glad to add it to our list for your team to donate to during your collection period.