Learn About the Sideline Pak - formally the Pentia Pak

 The first multiuse convertible pak with 5 purposes...


The perfect Pak for any outdoor event! Simply climb in and stay warm and cozy.


Water resistant bottom layer and a comfortable fleece that is soft to sit on. Unzip the sak and open up for a 72x80 that can be used where ever you go!


The best part? After every use, you can just shove the sak in the bag and go! There is even enough room in the bag for everything else you need for your day fits right on top.


 Sleeping Bag

Why hassle with those slippery traditional sleeping bag when you can just shove the Pentia-Pak back in its bag and go? Even throw everything you need for your sleepover right on top. 

 Seat Cushion

No one likes those hard, cold bleachers, follow the folding instructions inside your Pentia-Pak and you have a comfortable seat cushion for one, or unfold the bag to share with friends and family!