We make it easy for you to order your Teams Sideline Pak without any risk!

We take all the orders, collect the money, produce the Pak's, ship them to your team when we are done.

It is Sideline Pak easy.

All you need to do is:
1)  Pick your Pak color
2)  Pick your logo method - embroidery or silkscreen & send us your logo
3)  Set the time frame for order collection - we recommend 1-2 weeks
4)  Set your price - and submit your Program Form
5)  Get the word out to your teams and families with a flyer we create for you.

What we do:
1)  Mockup your logo on your selected Sideline Pak and send you a proof for approval.
2)  We will create a PDF flyer like this sample for your team (Flyer Sample)
3)  Set up your pack in the FIND YOUR TEAM tab at
4)  We will take all the orders during your collection window and produce them in about a week after the cutoff date.
5) We will ship the bulk order to one location at no charge.  If a parent wants it shipped to their home they can request that at an additional charge.
6)  If you marked it up to raise money for your team or club we will cut you a check for your profit within 2 weeks after shipment.

If you would like to take advantage of this great program please complete the simple program form and submit it with your artwork to (Program Request Form)

If you have questions feel free to check out our (FAQ's) or contact us.

Sideline Pak
630-549-0079  ask for Brian